The Camazotz arose in Central and South America, spreading into the North American native tribes, and into Europe with Spanish and Portugeuse colonial expansion. The vampiric population of the Western Hemisphere south of the United States border is very nearly excusively of the Camazotz clan, and only the very foolhardy visit this territory wihtout permission. Most of the Princes in the American southwest are Camazotz.It is most likely the largest clan in terms of numbers.

The clan tends to be very hierarchichal in each of its cities, but there is little to no overall organization in the clan. Individual elders are very jealous of their privildges, perogitives, and respect paid to them.

The clan’s disciplines are Obfuscation, Animalism, and Protean.

The clan’s weakness is image; they cannot appear in reflection, film , or video. While the clever can occasionally use this to thier advantage, the increaseing presence of cameras and video equipment on phones and small electronics means that a Camazotz must be very careful in public.


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