The Weight of Years

A custom system, borrowing an awful lot from both the Old adn New Worlds of Darkness by White Wolf, for a campaign set in the city of Rochester, NY.

The stock vampire clans and sects have been set aside. Replacing them are eight clans, reflecting the regions in which they developed, alongside the development of the human race.

Most of the elements of Werewolf: The Apocolypse have been drastically changed: the werewolf of this campaign is cursed. Werefolk track humanity, like vampires, and their power is inversely proportionate to it…but so is their control over their own actions. WErewolves are not born, but made.

Magic, sorcery, witchcraft – call it what you like. The use of magic is a skill, typically triggrered by a superantural event or intitiation, but avaialbe to be learned by a variety of beings. Including humans. While it is not the paradigm-shifting, reality -altering Magick of the Mage games, learned practioners can be among the most powerful denizens of the supernatural world.

For the Fae, the characters are more like the Changeling: the Lost than :the Dreaing. Broken, lonely, terrified things, forever changed by their experience with the alien Fae.

The Weight of Years